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A few weeks ago, Shadi Eskaf if the University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center posted a series of two blogs on his household water use. The first simply showed the data from his bi-monthly water bill, graphed out across the years, and prompted readers to use the water data to make inferences about his family’s water use.  People really gave it some thought – it’s one of the few times I’ve… Read More

We’ve lived in our house nearly fifteen years, which is the exact amount of time that I’ve wanted to make our driveway smaller and my garden larger.  Previous owners expanded the driveway to make for better basketball, something my sons appreciated when we first arrived.  But given that the driveway is in the sunniest portion of our Wisconsin yard, through the years I’ve been slowly encroaching on that space with an expanding… Read More

I’ve got water rates on my mind.  I recently heard Sheila Olmstead, Fellow at Resources for the Future, speak on water pricing and she reminded me of Circle of Blue’s recent update of their survey on US water rates.  And recently I was in Denver, having conversations about long-term water planning – something that is very much on Governor Hickenlooper’s mind. So I got to thinking about my own water use, and… Read More