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At its core, Broadview Collaborative connects people with the resources they need to achieve clean, sustainable water. We connect stakeholders to decision makers through honest, transparent collaborative processes. We connect innovative start-up companies to the utilities and partners who are potential clients. Through facilitation, we connect experts to each other and help them arrive at collaborative decisions. We connect investors and philanthropists to the information they seek before committing funds to water-related partners.

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Services we offer:

  • Expert interviews / stakeholder assessment: Do you want to know what people are thinking in advance of a major initiative? Do you want to avoid confrontations before they happen? Intelligent, confidential one-on-one conversations from an independent but knowledgeable party can make all the difference. Lynn Broaddus brings her insights and inquisitiveness, along with technical knowledge, to arrange and conduct a series of interviews, and create a written report for the client’s use. Most projects involve 15-20 interviews and can be delivered in as little as one month if needed.
  • Facilitation: Broadview Collaborative’s president Lynn Broaddus has a respected track record as a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator for thorny processes, especially those focused on water infrastructure and technology, natural resources, sustainability, and related policies. She begins working with the client as early as possible in the process to help map out the agenda, prepare participants, and create meeting materials. If needed, Broadview can also provide logistical support and/or preparation of post-meeting reports.
  • Early-stage company support: Launching a new enterprise takes guts. Broadview Collaborative has a special interest in helping start-ups whose goals are compatible with our passion for sustainability. We can help with insights on industry trends, market opportunities, and networking with potential clients or partners. Recognizing the importance of sweat equity, for this type of work accept compensation in the form of stock options or other profit-sharing agreements. We will not take on new clients whose products compete directly with existing clients’ products or services.
  • Opportunity evaluation: Philanthropists and impact investors often know what they want to achieve, but not necessarily the best route to get there.  With our water-related technical and policy expertise we bring a unique ability to comb through information, talk to experts in the field, to provide board members and senior staff with the assurance and insights they need.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for or want to better understand what Broadview Collaborative can do for you, let’s talk.  If we’re not the right fit, we may know who is.

Contact Lynn at 414-559-5495 or LBroaddus@Broadviewcollaborative.com. 

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