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Last summer many of you followed the story of my mother’s shocking water bill, commiserating and making suggestions for how to deal with her water provider. I’m happy to report (a bit belatedly!) that the problems were largely resolved and she’s feeling better (not great, but better) about her water utility. Her plumber was able to track down and repair the silent, underground leak in her irrigation system, and her utility knocked… Read More

If you have any friends in Cape Town, this might be a good time to invite them to come for a visit. A long visit and a drink. Cape Town, South Africa is on track to become the first major city to run out of water. This is not a drill. “Day Zero”, the day that the city is predicted to officially run dry, has been extended from mid-April to mid-July, but… Read More

Those of you who have been with me for a while know that I have a thing about rainwater. It’s free, it’s clean (until it hits the ground and becomes problematic stormwater), and it’s “passive”, meaning that it comes to us all on its own.  It’s becoming increasingly common to take advantage of this passive resource by using rainbarrels as a source for outdoor water use, but some of us crazy people take… Read More

A few weeks ago, Shadi Eskaf if the University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center posted a series of two blogs on his household water use. The first simply showed the data from his bi-monthly water bill, graphed out across the years, and prompted readers to use the water data to make inferences about his family’s water use.  People really gave it some thought – it’s one of the few times I’ve… Read More

How many times have you seen a list of water-conservation tips that includes “Turn off the water when brushing your teeth”? I’m not sure about you, but when I read that I think “Really? Can’t we do a little better?” Turning off the water while brushing or scrubbing is the least we can do. I say, let’s take it up a notch.

Those of you who live in arid climates may find this hard to believe, but in the parts of Wisconsin that lie along Lake Michigan, water conservation isn’t talked about much.  Milwaukee is working hard to be an international water technology hub, supplying innovation to industry around the globe.  But at the same time, the city is trying to attract water intensive industry by greatly reducing the price of its water for… Read More

Yesterday The Johnson Foundation had the pleasure of hosting Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, for a presentation to a packed house of nearly 100. The audience was a mix of regional professionals working in water-related endeavors, elected officials, and interested citizens. From the engaged discourse that followed the formal presentation, it seemed that everyone left a little more knowledgeable than they were when they arrived.I… Read More