About Lynn

Lynn E. Broaddus, Ph.D., M.B.A., President

Lynn made a decision early on to focus on natural resource sustainability. Her career includes work in energy conservation and efficiency, biodiversity, land conservation, water resources, and education. These experiences are underpinned by scientific rigor and a tireless belief that good people working together can make big differences.

Lynn formed Broadview Collaborative, Inc. in 2014 to increase her impact on the resiliency and sustainability issues that drive her. While this is her first private sector endeavor, it builds on her history of creating new efforts and retooling struggling ones. During her six years with The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread she was charged with re-shaping the Foundation’s environmental programming in a way that would bring national stature to the Racine, Wisconsin-based foundation. The result was Charting New Waters, a nationally recognized and applauded endeavor. Over the span of six years, she convened hundreds of national leaders from government, business and non-governmental organizations, and academic experts to explore the intersections of freshwater and climate change, infrastructure and built environment, agriculture, energy, finance and public health. The initiative resulted in more than a dozen direct publications on U.S. water management needs, and spurred additional partnerships and initiatives that left the field undeniably changed, and more united.

Prior to joining The Johnson Foundation, Lynn served for six years as executive director of Milwaukee Riverkeeper®, a water advocacy organization that she grew into a strong, nationally respected voice with what may be the largest volunteer base of any similar group in the country. Before joining Riverkeeper, she spent 12 years working for The Nature Conservancy and a related organization, NatureServe, where in her role as director of U.S. Network Partnerships she negotiated the first set of national data sharing agreements among the nation’s Natural Heritage Programs in all 50 states and the Navajo Nation. Earlier career experiences included energy conservation program work in the low-income neighborhoods of Lawrence, MA, and teaching biology and mathematics in rural Virginia.

Lynn hosts On The Water Front, a blog dedicated to exploring a broad spectrum freshwater and sustainability topics, and tweets on water and other sustainability issues as @LynnBroaddus. She is a sought-after speaker, panelist, and moderator for national forums, and can be reached at LBroaddus@BroadviewCollaborative.com

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      • At our house in Wauwatosa we two sets of rain barrels / crates to capture water for outdoor use. At our property in rural Virginia we have a slightly fancier system which we use for potable water once it’s filtered. We are building a cottage there which will have an even fancier version that uses rain water for all purposes, and is plumbed into the cottage. Happy to show you either or both, but if you want to see the Virginia system you’ll have to wait until I’m out there!


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