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June is a lovely month to get married. Really. And couples like my cousin and her fiancé who had their June 2020 wedding plans bumped to June 2021 (dang pandemic!) deserved every bit of that June loveliness. But between the forces of nature, and the frailties of local road construction, there were moments when it wasn’t clear whether any of the guests would actually be able to get to the wedding. By… Read More

We’ve lived in our house nearly fifteen years, which is the exact amount of time that I’ve wanted to make our driveway smaller and my garden larger.  Previous owners expanded the driveway to make for better basketball, something my sons appreciated when we first arrived.  But given that the driveway is in the sunniest portion of our Wisconsin yard, through the years I’ve been slowly encroaching on that space with an expanding… Read More

I’ve had the pleasure and fortune to spend my summer working at the Johnson Foundation, where for the last two months I’ve accumulated a great cache of hands-on learning experiences to take with me when I go. But last week I was able to take experiential learning to a new level when the subject of a Wingspread Briefing, stormwater, came literally flooding into my life and home. On Wednesday the foundation hosted… Read More