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Last weekend I had the great fun of attending a reunion of sorts for those of us who shared Dr. Janis Antonovics as a professor, or who passed through his boisterous lab group that included anyone from post-docs to undergraduates and professors on sabbatical.  While it was a reunion for Janis, because our experiences stretched over his nearly 50-year career to date, the rest of us were meeting many for the first… Read More

If you care enough about water to read this blog, you need to read David Sedlak’s new book, Water 4.0. When David told me about his undertaking, I foolishly type-cast him as the erudite engineering professor that he is and imagined a dense textbook about water infrastructure that only a graduate engineering student could love.  This is one of the rare occasions that I’m anxious to tell you how very wrong I… Read More