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If you care enough about water to read this blog, you need to read David Sedlak’s new book, Water 4.0. When David told me about his undertaking, I foolishly type-cast him as the erudite engineering professor that he is and imagined a dense textbook about water infrastructure that only a graduate engineering student could love.  This is one of the rare occasions that I’m anxious to tell you how very wrong I… Read More

Last week I had the honor of posting a piece on the blog for Growing Blue, a project dedicated to water sustainability, including economic sustainability. You can see it on the Growing Blue site, but I’ve also pasted the text below. It’s no longer news that our nation’s built infrastructure is in disrepair. Whether it’s water, transportation, or the power grid, it all needs attention. But all too often, the headlines and hearings… Read More

At a recent Wingspread meeting, David Sedlak of UC-Berkeley made mention of “sewer scalping”.  My ears twitched, adjusting to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  David is professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and co-chairs the NSF-funded center for Re-Inventing Our Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure, an exciting endeavor (aka ReNUWIt, about which I’ve written previously).  David and his colleagues live on the intellectual edge of the very necessary matters surrounding urban water… Read More