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Here’s my dilemma: I’ve got infrastructure on my mind, water infrastructure to be specific. There are things I want to say to my elected officials, especially those in Washington DC, about the needs, the urgency, the strategic importance of repairing and upgrading our water systems. However, with daily panics coming out of our  national capitol raising even more fundamental questions about the health of our democracy, this doesn’t seem like the best… Read More

With the shoreline in sight and the wind at our backs, the last few weeks have gone by quickly.  It’s been more than six years since The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread decided to try out a new approach to its convenings.  With that in mind, they brought me onto the team in late 2008 to bring into shape a still-forming concept about how to strategically use their resources to have deep impact… Read More

Who says sustainability is bad for the bottom line? It was Wisconsin’s own Sen. Gaylord Nelson, most famously known as the founder of Earth Day, who correctly stated, “The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around.” In other words, if you think big enough, there is only one balance sheet, and that’s the one for the planet as a whole. When one of us supposedly… Read More

My husband and I just had the extremely good fortune to have spent a week on St. John, US Virgin Islands. If you’ve been there you know what a treasure it is. With no airport, it’s a bit off the beaten path. The US Virgin Islands National Park, with its campgrounds, snorkeling trails, hiking trails, and historic sugar mill ruins, makes up about 60% of the island and drives the local economy…. Read More