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I was recently invited to be a guest columnist for Water Online’s Water Innovations Magazine, writing about resiliency as a top trend for 2015. You can find the original post here: Water Innovations Magazine – Top Trend of 2015 No one needs to tell the water sector that, “Times they are a-changing”.  Whether it’s increased storm intensity, prolonged drought, saltwater intrusion, or disappearing aquifers, no region is unaffected by change.  Add to that maintenance… Read More

People sometimes ask me how we select our meeting topics. There isn’t any particular formula to how we do our work, but I like to tell people that we try to answer for ourselves: What is the question that isn’t being asked, but needs to be asked? In my head I have an image of a bead of water building up on a hard-packed sandy beach, but still held together by surface… Read More

I love it when the good guy wins, and today a very good guy won big. This morning I learned that Stephen R. Carpenter, Professor of Zoology and Limnology and faculty member in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is being awarded the 2011 Stockholm Water Prize. Steve’s input and wisdom, gained from a lifetime of work on the ecology of aquatic systems, has been fundamental to The Johnson Foundation’s freshwater… Read More