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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Some things are hard for me to understand.  Like why it’s easier to dig iron ore from deep within the earth than to mine our nation’s refuse heaps and scrap piles for discarded iron. On Friday I had the opportunity to tour an area of northern Wisconsin that is under consideration for an open-pit taconite mine.  My hosts included representatives of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa… Read More

As someone who follows U.S. water issues fairly closely, especially those associated with the water-energy “collision” as the Union of Concernced Scientists so aptly calls it, I thought that hydraulic fracturing was a distant concern for those of us who live in Wisconsin.  The latest newsletter of the River Alliance of Wisconsin has corrected my error. I knew that hydraulic fracturing, practiced primarily in Colorado and surrounding regions, as well as sections of… Read More

What does access to healthy food have to do with clean water? Bear with me for a minute, but hopefully you’ll agree that there’s a link. Earlier this week at Wingspread we hosted a briefing entitled “Beyond Food Deserts” where guest speakers Dr. Samina Raja of the University of Buffalo – SUNY and Young Kim of the Fondy Food Center in Milwaukee told us why we need to get beyond the concept… Read More

Those of you who live in arid climates may find this hard to believe, but in the parts of Wisconsin that lie along Lake Michigan, water conservation isn’t talked about much.  Milwaukee is working hard to be an international water technology hub, supplying innovation to industry around the globe.  But at the same time, the city is trying to attract water intensive industry by greatly reducing the price of its water for… Read More