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Monthly Archives: June 2011

I can’t help but be hopeful about our ability to solve our country’s overwhelming water challenges when I see the extraordinarily gifted and committed people trying to tackle these problems. It’s one of the great  parts of my job – to find these experts and to try to figure out how to help them advance their ideas. In December of 2009, as part of the exploratory phase of the Johnson Foundation’s Freshwater… Read More

If Janisse Ray was ‘poetry on fire’, Marc Gorelick was science on fire. Last Monday night, to a crowd of about 40 river lovers (aka, supporters of Milwaukee Riverkeeper®), Marc presented an overview of his research on whether or not the quality of our water and our infrastructure are making kids sick. You wouldn’t necessarily think that an after-dinner presentation on enteroviruses, sewers, diarrhea, and fecal contamination would deserve the ‘on fire’ description,… Read More

Poetry on fire. That’s the way Janisse Ray caught our attention, we 450 water warriors and river rats, assembled for the 2011 River Rally in Charleston, South Carolina.  She stopped us cold with her poem, accelerated  by passion. Seated with our lunches in the Charleston Convention Center ballroom, forks arrested mid-way to mouths, it would have been blasphemous to chew while the oracle dispensed manna from the river gods. I, for one, had never heard… Read More