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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Up until recently, when I thought of nutrient pollution I tended to think in terms of eutrophication, the over-fertilized condition that boosts the growth of algae and bacteria, which can then lead to low oxygen levels and fish die-offs when those algae die and decompose.  It’s plain old yucky and can really take away your appetite for wanting to take a dip on a lazy summer day. But lately I’ve been starting… Read More

I was recently invited to be a guest columnist for Water Online’s Water Innovations Magazine, writing about resiliency as a top trend for 2015. You can find the original post here: Water Innovations Magazine – Top Trend of 2015 No one needs to tell the water sector that, “Times they are a-changing”.  Whether it’s increased storm intensity, prolonged drought, saltwater intrusion, or disappearing aquifers, no region is unaffected by change.  Add to that maintenance… Read More