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Monthly Archives: January 2013

I invited Susie Seidelman, The Johnson Foundation’s Environment Program Associate, to provide a brief glimpse of her interesting work as a fellow with PLACES, a program that helps philanthropic professionals understand and see firsthand the nexus between vulnerable and distressed communities and growth and development decisions. I’m excited about her involvement because I know that her new perspectives will help us bridge the connections between an improved environment and improved quality of… Read More

If you read my last entry, you know how I’m feeling about GHG emissions, climate change, and a few of the things we’re doing at home to try to reduce our energy consumption and related impacts. But the changes are not just happening at home. I’ve long known been intrigued with the possibilities of energy capture from sewage, but recently it seems that the concept is moving closer to a reality. In… Read More

January is the time of year for goal-setting and resolutions. I’m certainly no stranger to setting annual fitness goals, and through years of trial, error, and small successes I have hands-on proof of what every fitness coach or nutritionist tells his or her clients: The people who are most successful in achieving their goals are the ones who write it all down, and pay attention to the numbers. The business corollary would… Read More